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Journal Article
CASP6 data processing and automatic evaluation at the protein structure prediction center., Kryshtafovych, Andriy, Milostan Maciej, Szajkowski Lukasz, Daniluk Paweł, and Fidelis Krzysztof , Proteins, 2005, Volume 61 Suppl 7, p.19-23, (2005)
Interaction model based on local protein substructures generalizes to the entire structural enzyme-ligand space., Strömbergsson, Helena, Daniluk Paweł, Kryshtafovych Andriy, Fidelis Krzysztof, Wikberg Jarl E. S., Kleywegt Gerard J., and Hvidsten Torgeir R. , Journal of chemical information and modeling, 2008 Nov, Volume 48, Issue 11, p.2278-88, (2008)
New tools and expanded data analysis capabilities at the Protein Structure Prediction Center., Kryshtafovych, Andriy, Prlic Andreas, Dmytriv Zinoviy, Daniluk Paweł, Milostan Maciej, Eyrich Volker, Hubbard Tim, and Fidelis Krzysztof , Proteins, 2007, Volume 69 Suppl 8, p.19-26, (2007)
Protein structure prediction center in CASP8., Kryshtafovych, Andriy, Krysko Oleh, Daniluk Paweł, Dmytriv Zinoviy, and Fidelis Krzysztof , Proteins, 2009, Volume 77 Suppl 9, p.5-9, (2009)
Using multi-data hidden Markov models trained on local neighborhoods of protein structure to predict residue-residue contacts., Björkholm, Patrik, Daniluk Paweł, Kryshtafovych Andriy, Fidelis Krzysztof, Andersson Robin, and Hvidsten Torgeir R. , Bioinformatics (Oxford, England), 2009 May 15, Volume 25, Issue 10, p.1264-70, (2009)